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Tree of Life 11 Card Spread

Tree of Life 11 Card Spread

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With this reading you will submit a topic you are looking for in depth guidance and perspective on. This can be a general reading or more specific: career move, something going on in a relationship, etc.

The Tree of Life is a detailed spiritual diagram that maps creation and all that is. It is the basic model from which many spiritual and religious directions and ideas have originated.

This advanced card lay out and reading begins by taking you through the energy and form (Divine Feminine & Masculine Influence) behind the question or topic. Moving on from there we get the emotions, thoughts, unconscious, and material influences related to the topic. Next we look at the outside influences , the energies working with you and the energies working against you as it pertains to the topic. Then we examine the next course of action as given by your Higher Self and the Divine Force behind the topic, this reveals opportunities for personal growth related to the topic. The last card pulled is the possible outcome and future pathway.

Being advanced card layout this reading will likely require a back and forth dialogue to fully extract the meaning as it pertains to the individual. You will be able to ask me as many questions as is reasonable as we delve into this reading. I will also likely be asking several questions of you to help fill in the blanks. 

Please contact me at if you have any questions about this spread.

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