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Crystalline Harmony

Stand in Your Power | Holographic Sound Meditation

Stand in Your Power | Holographic Sound Meditation

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This is a Holographic Sound Meditation for Standing in Your Power! Do you struggle with maintaining strong boundaries? Do people take advantage of your compassion and kind heart? Do you find yourself playing the victim in situations that don’t go your way? These are indicators that you are not standing in your power.

When we are Standing in our Power we have the courage to unapologetically hold to our boundaries and we are confident about who we are and the many gifts we bring to the world. We drop the victim mentality and take ownership over the creation of our realities. When you are Standing in Your Power you know that you are in control of your life and you are an unstoppable force for positive change!

Listening Instructions:

Sit or lay down in a relaxed and comfortable position. Bring your awareness to the Solar Plexus chakra located roughly 2 inches above the navel. As you inhale imagine that you are breathing in these tones, as a Golden Light, thru your Solar Plexus. As you exhale keep your awareness on your Solar Plexus. This will cycle the energy through your Solar Plexus charging it up and empowering this important energy center!

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