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Crystalline Harmony

Self-Love | Holographic Sound Meditation

Self-Love | Holographic Sound Meditation

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This is an 8 Minute Holographic Sound Meditation that will assist you in embodying Self-Love. Self-Love is critical to living a happy and healthy life.  Many physical / emotional/ psychological issues can be traced back to a lack of Self-Love. In a society that is constantly focusing on “flaws” and encouraging people to compare themselves to others its no wonder that so many people struggle with Self-Love. Self-Love is the foundation of Unconditional Love. When you unconditionally Love and Adore yourself you are able to share that deep love with those around you. Embodying Self-Love opens you up to immense joy and healing. When you Love yourself you allow yourself to experience joy and pleasure without guilt or self-judgement. You also are kinder to yourself and your body; loving yourself enough to make sure you are meeting all of your needs. Self-Love can be the basis for completely transforming your life and your relationship with self and others.

The tones in this meditation carry higher-dimensional Frequencies that work directly upon your Heart Chakra so that you may begin to cultivate Self-Love.The vocal toning in this meditation is supported by the frequencies of an Alchemical Fusion Heart Chakra Singing Bowl. This Quartz based bowl has been blended with Obsidian & Moldavite. Obsidian works with your Root Chakra to ground you and engender feelings of safety and security. Moldavite is especially healing for Starseeds. It helps you to feel safer and have gratitude for the experiences Earth provides. Moldavite connects us to our Star Family and assists us in the process of transformation. I have found that it works wonderfully with all chakras; in particular the Root, Heart, and Crown

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