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Conscious Creations, LLC

Selenite Moon | Large

Selenite Moon | Large

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~ energy cleansing 

~enhances meditation

~ connects us to our guides in other realms

~ activates the Soul Star & Crown chakras

~ telepathic communication

~ connects us to the Pleiadian Star System 

~ assists energy work with  Mother Earth

Chakra Alignment: Soul Star & Crown

Physically, Selenite assist with Prostate issues, the skeletal system, and flexibility. May also help increase breast milk production and anti aging. It is also useful for clearing head infections (sinuses, ear,etc) and boosts vision.

Sources: Asar, J. M. (2010). Liquid Crystal Oracle Guidebook. Blue Angel. 

Twintreess, M., & Twintreess, T. (1999). Stones Alive! Treehouse Press. 

Note: Selenite vs Satin Spar

Selenite , Satin Spar, and Desert Rose Selenite are all different forms of selenite!  Selenite is more glass like while Satin spar is fibrous. Some in the crystal community call Satin Spar “Fake” Selenite. We do not tolerate or agree with the Satin Spar Slander! They are literally different forms of selenite and metaphysically identical.

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