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Crystalline Harmony

Peace of Mind | Holographic Sound

Peace of Mind | Holographic Sound

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This is a Holographic Sound Meditation for soothing stress and anxiety! Chronic stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on the body and take a toll on one’s mental and even physical health. In this meditation, I’ve channeled higher-dimensional frequencies that are intended to induce feelings of relaxation, calm, and peace of mind. Allow yourself to finally let go of the tension in your body as your stress & anxiety melt away. Remember what it’s like to feel safe and nurtured.

Suggested Listening Instructions

Sit or lay down in a relaxed and comfortable position. Bring your aware to your Heart center. As you breathe in imagine that you are breathing in the tones thru the center of your chest. As you exhale imagine that you are exhaling these tones throughout the rest of your body. If there is a particular area of your body that you are holding tension or stress ( such as your stomach or neck) you may want to imagine that you are exhaling the tones to those particular areas of the body.

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