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Conscious Creations, LLC

Moldavite Pendant #5 | Sterling Silver

Moldavite Pendant #5 | Sterling Silver

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The Stone that Fell to Earth.

While there is much fear and anxiety for people around Moldavite, this glass tektite is incredible for personal growth. Discomfort is a part of transformation. You cant grow and evolve if you remain if your comfort zone. Moldavite pushes out all that isnt serving you out of your life. So what can seem like chaos is actually  that which is for your highest good.

~ rapid growth & transformation

~ activates the third eye & telepathic abilities

~ assists starseeds  in accepting their chosen role as lightbringers on this planet

~ reminds us of our free will and our ability to create a new and better world

Sources: Asar, J. M. (2010). Liquid Crystal Oracle Guidebook. Blue Angel. 

Twintreess, M., & Twintreess, T. (1999). Stones Alive! Treehouse Press.

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