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Trinity Spread

Trinity Spread

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This listing is for a 3 card Liquid Crystal Oracle Reading. This is a general reading that presents the most urgent messages your higher self wants you to hear. 

The first card represents the present situation, the second the healing path, and the third card is the outcome which represents the best timeline you'll be on should the healing path be taken. 

Your reading will be sent to you in PDF format via email with images of your cards, an explanation of the meaning of each card and the significance of the combination of each card that comes up. You will also receive a healing affirmation, created by me, that weaves together the energy of each individual crystal and it's associated Deva. The reciting of this affirmation is referred to as "singing the stones" and will deeply connect you to the healing capabilities of the crystals. 

At minimum the affirmation should be read aloud at least twice a day for a week to receive the healing effect. For lasting healing a growth it is recommended that the affirmation be read aloud at least twice a day for 21 days. To support you in integrating the crystal healing it is also recommended that you carry the crystals that come up in your reading for at least 21 days.

You may ask as many clarifying questions as is reasonable to get a full understanding of your reading. 

Feel free to email me at with any questions about this reading.


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