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Crystalline Harmony

Light Your Fire | Holographic Sound Meditation

Light Your Fire | Holographic Sound Meditation

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This is a Holographic Sound Meditation for lighting your inner fire! Are you lacking motivation, focus, passion for life, or feeling uninspired?  The frequencies within this meditation are intended to help you get your groove back!!! For various reasons there comes a point in many people’s lives where they seem to have lost their inner spark. The good news is that feeling doesn’t have to be permanent. Even if you’ve been feeling this way for a long time you can still transform into the vibrant, high energy, creative individual you were born to be!

Holographic Sound uses sacred geometry to bring through sound in its multi-dimensional form. The effect of Multi-Dimensional sound is unmatched! If you are ready to transform your life and light your fire then this is the meditation for you! The Holographic Sound is primarily brought through with vocal toning, it is common to hear several voices during these meditations coming through with my toning. This meditation is supported by crystal singing bowls!

Suggested Listening Instructions:

Bring your awareness to your Solar Plexus chakra. Imagine that you are breathing in the sound through your Solar Plexus. Maintain awareness on your solar plexus throughout the meditation. If you are feeling up to it you may add an additional step. On your inhales imagine breathing in the tones through your Solar Plexus. As you exhale imagine the sounds being sent down into your Sacral Chakra.

Listen to this meditation as often as you are called to or whenever you’re feeling sluggish, bored, or uninspired.

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