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Conscious Creations, LLC

Labradorite | Body Carving | Medium

Labradorite | Body Carving | Medium

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This listing is for one intuitively chosen labradorite body carving. 

~ transformation

~ protection 

~ spiritual guidance and support

~ supports meditation, visualizations, and affirmations

~ assists in intentional manifestation by bringing wisdom and order to one’s thoughts

~ assists in intergalactic communication

Labradorite is a must for any serious spiritual seeker

Labradorite is Moldavite’s Earth-bound counterpart and it is highly recommended one work with Labradorite before Moldavite to receive Moldavite’s full benefits

Sources: Asar, J. M. (2010). Liquid Crystal Oracle Guidebook. Blue Angel. 

Twintreess, M., & Twintreess, T. (1999). Stones Alive! Treehouse Press.
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