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Crystalline Harmony

Higher-Self Activation

Higher-Self Activation

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This offering is for a Higher-Self Activation that is uniquely channeled just for you!

I will tap into your energetic field & connect with your Higher Self to channel vocal tones from all 12 Dimensions that are specific and unique to you. These tones carry vibrational encodements that speak directly to your Heart, DNA, and Light Bodies. The frequencies in these tones will be determined by your Higher Self so that you are receiving exactly what you need at this time of your life.

We all came into this incarnation with Higher Dimensional energetic structures (Light-Bodies, multi-dimensional DNA, Connectivity to Higher Realms, etc) but for most, these structures remain unactivated.  This Activation will assist you in activating these latent energies within your body so that you may experience life to the fullest potential. This may translate into activation of psychic abilities, emotional/psychological/physical healing, releasing of old patterns / cycles of behaviors, personal transformation etc. 

You will receive two recordings.

One is an approximately 10 minute long recording containing a very brief guided meditation intended to guide you into a relaxed state followed by your personal Higher-Self Activation. The other is an extended version of your Higher-Self Activation. It contains the same brief guided meditation followed by your Higher Self Activation looped three times. This longer recording will grant you the greatest benefit and it is recommended that you listen to it daily for the greatest effect.

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