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Crystalline Harmony

Full Moon Connection | Holographic Sound Meditation

Full Moon Connection | Holographic Sound Meditation

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This is a Holographic Sound Meditation for Connecting with the Energies of All Full Moons. By connecting with these Full Moon Energies we become more aligned with the Energies generated by this Celestial Event. This can empower our Full Moon Manifestations and helps us feel more stable and grounded when these powerful and at times tumultuous events occur.

This meditation can be listened to at any time to connect with any Full Moon as all time is happening in the Now. However, if you’d like to use this meditation for connecting with upcoming Full Moons I recommend listening as early as one week before a Full Moon and 4 days after! You can listen to it on its own or while working on your Full Moon Manifestations / Rituals!

Holographic Sound is a modality that utilizes Sacred Geometry to bring forth Multi-Dimensional Sound. 99% of the sound we hear is linear. When Sound is brought through in its Multi-Dimensional, Complete form it has incredible effects on the body

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