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Forgiveness | Holographic Sound Meditation

Forgiveness | Holographic Sound Meditation

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This is a Holographic Sound Meditation for Forgiveness! Forgiveness is one of the keys to raising your vibration. Forgiveness does not mean we are letting someone off the hook for hurting us, its about letting ourselves off the hook for that pain and suffering that someone else’s actions have caused us. The person that hurt you isn’t hurt or suffering by what they’ve done. When we hold onto resentment over someone else hurting us the only person affected is ourselves. We are worthy of joyful lives; forgiveness allows us to release what holds us back from living in full joy. Forgiveness of self is also of paramount importance. True forgiveness is only complete when we can forgive ourselves, without judgement, just as easily as can extend forgiveness to another.

The tones in this Holographic Sound Meditation will assist you in doing the heavy work of forgiveness. This meditation brings through sound in its true and complete Multi-Dimensional form, hitting all Dimensions of existence. Mother Mary, Isis,  and Quan Yin were particularly present during the recording of this meditation. This meditation was recorded on the April Pink Moon.


Suggested Listening Instructions

This meditation is a great ally for forgiveness work. At the first strike of the bowl bring your awareness to your heart center. Imagine/ Feel yourself absorbing the tones through the center of your chest, into your heart chakra as a pink and golden light. If comfortable ask Mother Mary, Isis, Quan Yin or any ascended master or loved one to be with you and nurture you as you engage in the transformational process of forgiveness!

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