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Flower Agate Tower #2

Flower Agate Tower #2

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~ Sacred Feminine Trinity & Rising Feminine Energy

~ assists w/ manifestation & abundance through clearing of the energy body

~ energy worker : initiates corrections in the energy body

~ pushes us towards our purpose & destiny 

~encourages us to follow our hearts and trust in the  flow of the Universe

~ heightened  synchronicty

~ shifts our perspective and teaches us to appreciate the present moment

♡ womb to heart connection ♡

 ~ Assists in finding the joy in life again after going through a period of heavy, exhausting energy.

Working with Flower Agate

~ Dream work

~ Trinity Reintegration: Place a  stone upon your Sacral, Heart, and Third  Eye Chakra and ask for energetic adjustments

~ Triangular Crystal Grids: Place  Flower Agate in the center of a triangle of other stones, triangulate yourself or your bed with Flower Agate

Chakra Alignment: Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral

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We highly recommend this article  on Flower Agate to learn more about this incredible stone!

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