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Carnelian Tower #4 | Flame | ✯ Rare Find ✯

Carnelian Tower #4 | Flame | ✯ Rare Find ✯

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This tower features an incredibly unique candle flame growth pattern! For us this represents the Carnelian of Carnelians. Carnelian naturally lights our internal fire. This tower no doubt hold exceptionally potent carnelian energy!

~ passion

~ lust for life

~ life force energy

~ motivation

~ manifestation

~ focus

~ outward creativity

~ confidence

~ sexuality

Physically Carnelian is good for Heart and Lung Function as it increases the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream

Chakra Alignment : Root & Sacral

Sources: Asar, J. M. (2010). Liquid Crystal Oracle Guidebook. Blue Angel. 

Twintreess, M., & Twintreess, T. (1999). Stones Alive! Treehouse Press.

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