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Conscious Creations, LLC

Blue Apatite | Palmstone | ✿Verified Ethically Sourced ✿

Blue Apatite | Palmstone | ✿Verified Ethically Sourced ✿

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~ powerful third eye stone

~ manifestation

~ foresight

~ activates the mind so one thinks before acting

~ deep states of meditation

~extra-terrestrial communication

~ raises kundalini energy

~ reconnects us to childlike joy

~ reminds us to laugh and enjoy all that life has to offer

~ connects us to the Devic Kingdom

Sources: Asar, J. M. (2010). Liquid Crystal Oracle Guidebook. Blue Angel. 

Twintreess, M., & Twintreess, T. (1999). Stones Alive! Treehouse Press.

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