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Crystalline Harmony

Atlantean Crystal Healing

Atlantean Crystal Healing

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This offering combines a remote Reiki & Crystal Healing session with a three card Oracle reading from the Atlantean Liquid Crystal Oracle Deck!

In this session, I will scan your physical and etheric fields with a Herkimer Diamond Pendulum to locate and remove harmful blockages that are obstructing the free flow of Prana or Life Force Energy. In the process I combine Reiki and Crystal Energy to infuse these areas of the body with high-vibrational healing energy; restoring the natural flow of Prana throughout the physical & etheric bodies. This process also involves cutting the cords between these once-damaged areas in the etheric field and your physical body to ensure that healing is sustained. This practice has often been referred to as Etheric Surgery.

In the interest of holistic healing we will discuss the blockages cleared and methods for keeping them cleared to avoid accidental or unconscious reattachment to these energetic blocks. This session also includes a Liquid Crystal Oracle reading! The Liquid Crystal Oracle is based on Atlantean Crystal Knowledge and is a powerful ally as we navigate this shift into higher-vibrational frequencies. The messages and guidance channeled from the Crystal Kingdom are always highly relevant to present circumstances. Each reading also comes with a unique affirmation channeled for the individual through an Atlantean process called Singing the Stones

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