Verified Ethical Sourcing

What is ethical sourcing in the crystal industry? There is currently no defined standard for what ethically sourced means. 

For us, it means that the mining methods used to extract the crystals and stones was as minimally invasive to the local environment as possible and did not involve the use of harmful chemicals & toxins. It also means that the miners, factory workers, and all those involved with the production and processing of the stones are treated justly (no child labor), given a fair wage, given personal protective equipment (PPE), and aren't working in unsafe conditions. 

We are not a 100% ethically sourced shop but we do source ethically where possible. You'll find that all of our ethically sourced crystals will say "Verified Ethically Sourced" in the title. This means we can say with certainty they meet the standards outlined above. 

Less than 1% of the crystals on the market meet that standard. Often ethically sourced crystals are slightly more expensive than their counterparts because the workers involved in processing them are being paid fairly. As demand grows for ethically sourced crystals the price will drop. Sadly, most are not interested in ethically sourced crystals but as human consciousness evolves it is inevitable that there will be a shift. Try to support ethical crystal shops as much as possible to promote that shift. Remember just because a shop says they are "ethical" doesn't mean they adhere to the standards listed above.

This page serves to educate people on ethical sourcing practices in the industry and to promote a standard of ethical sourcing. It is by no means meant to judge people for shopping ethically or not.